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Relational Theology - By Blake Bradley

Welcome to this web Site. I hope my site adds to your bible study and you enjoy the articles


I hope your excited by the website, I know I am! I have some great plans including a Blog section, a visitor interaction section, a Video section, a Document section, a Share you prayers section, and much much more.

A little about me.....I am an Itinerant ordained Thomasine priest and I do not believe that God is in the denomination business instead He is in the Church that is to say HE is in the people (you and I) which is the Church. I believe Jesus when He said “I am in The Father, The Father is in Me, I am in you (us) and you are in Me” I also believe that God does not punish people and that He is a Loving God who is present, active and loving towards us at all times and in all situations. I hope to share these and other concepts through this website. I also plan on sharing the many simple quotes that I have shared over the years from my Facebook account and from those inspired quotes to write some in-depth thoughts to attach to each of them.

I would appreciate each of your prayers as I step into this project and that The Lord would direct my path in every step and in every way. May His Truth, Love and Presence come though into your hearts and mind through this site and in many other ways.

One last thing I believe I am a simple priest so I purposely use a lower case on the word priest in my writings because I am no better than you are. We are all kings and priest in Christ Jesus who is our Priest!

Sincerely Johnny

the Bluejean priest 12-7-2017

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